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10 Sites to Visit Before Buying a Home

If you are in the market to buy a home, you should know that the web contains a vast amount of useful and informative sites to help you through every aspect of the buying process. Knowing what to expect when making such an important decision will give you the footing you need to move ahead on the path to owning your own home. Listed here are 10 sites that any prospective home buyer should visit before taking the final plunge.

HomeBuyingTips.netIf you are getting ready to shop for a new home, this site will provide you with a wealth of valuable tips and resources that you will undoubtedly find very helpful. The handy checklist made available to you from this site covers matters you will need to consider such as affordability, location, mortgage loan pre-approval, how to choose the perfect home, price negotiation, and more. You will also find several calculators to help you figure out the financial responsibilities involved in buying a home.

Home Buying InstituteThe goal of this site is to educate and inform those who are thinking about buying a home. Their philosophy is simple, yet smart; the more you know, the better your odds for home ownership success. This site will guide you through the process of buying a home, starting with the very beginning planning stages all the way up to the final walk-through of your new home, and everything in-between.

MortgageCalculators.orgIf you are considering buying a home, you may be asking yourself questions like, “how much can you really afford,” “what would my monthly payments be,” or “how long will it take to pay off a home loan?” This site provides free calculators to help you get preliminary answers to those questions. Types of calculators and tools offered include mortgage qualification, affordability, and loan comparison.

HUDThis comprehensive site, hosted by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, can answer nearly every question you have about buying a home. With just a few simple clicks you can figure out what you can afford, what your rights are, how to find the best loan, information on home-buying programs, and how to shop for a home. Also, you can learn about home inspections, how to find affordable home owners insurance, and what you should expect at a closing.

Insurance Quotes - This site gives you the opportunity to compare home insurance rates from several of the most popular national insurance companies, and will help you determine which policy would best fit your needs as a home owner. It also hosts a home insurance blog that covers important topics related to finding an agent, home building insurance, and what to do when natural disasters strike, just to name a few.

Buy a HomeInsure MeIn just a few easy steps, you can view and compare home insurance quotes from several top-rated insurance companies. With tips and advice on how to choose affordable insurance coverage, you will be able to make an informed decision when the time comes to purchase a plan of protection for your new home.

Home Warranty ReviewsWhen buying a home, it’s often recommended that you have a home warranty in place to safeguard you against unexpected and expensive maintenance issues that may arise. Home owners insurance does not cover these types of repairs, and as a new home owner you won’t want to be left footing the bill. This site explains what a home warranty and will help you determine what type of coverage will best fit your needs. The main objective of this site is to provide the consumer with reviews of home warranty providers so that you are able to select a reputable company for this type of coverage.

American Home Inspector DirectoryThis site will answer any questions you may have regarding home inspection by walking you through the standard process step-by-step. Here you will learn what the inspector looks for, what types of things are not included in a regular inspection, environmental concerns you need to be aware of, and how to find a home inspector. You can even print out a convenient home inspection checklist to use for reference.

HomeTips.comIf you are the DIY type, this is the site for you. Whether you are considering purchasing a foreclosure, a fixer-upper, or if you just want to do a few minor repairs, this is an excellent resource to refer to before you buy a home. Featuring more than 3,000 articles, you will find valuable tips and advice on do-it-yourself inspections, hiring contractors (if you plan to build your own home), home repairs, installations such as replacement windows and doors, and all types of interior and exterior home improvements.

Doityourself.comWhile shopping for a home, it can be difficult to find one that doesn’t require a few updates or minor modifications–that’s where “do-it-yourself” comes into play. Showcasing a variety of DIY projects, this website will give you the motivation and expertise needed to face home repairs and improvements head-on. With a large selection of articles, forums, and videos ranging from electrical and plumbing to decorating and landscaping, this site has it all.

Guest post from Bailey Harris. Bailey enjoys writing about real estate, insurance, finance, and related topics.

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