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5 of the Most Ineffective and Misused Real Estate Marketing Tactics

2013 presents to the real estate owner a multitude of tools to help them market and streamline their operations. With the development of different apps and internet resources, the biggest issue is not with actually using these tools, but using them correctly and efficiently. This well help you make your commercial building, apartment complex, or any real estate property easier to manage and lease.


Craigslist was created as an aggregator of classifieds between individual consumers. When businesses, especially real estate properties, get into this, they are often flagged for spamming or left with extremely low conversion rates. So how can you create an effective ad to create leads for your property?

Don’t go crazy with the title: use something simple and inviting. For example, to advertise my apartments in Gainesville, Florida, my craigslist ad title is currently “Luxury apartments near UF campus – save now and walk to UF housing and sorority row”. The ad right below me, which was flagged for spam, read “$$$$$$ SAVE $$$ ON OUR 1BR UNITS! &*&*&*&”.

Same goes for the body of the advertisement. People on craigslist aren’t looking for the visual equivalent of a radio car ad, with bells and whistles. Users navigate Craigslist because they want something simple that doesn’t look dangerous or spammy. No crazy buttons or links – stick with text and basic HTML to refrain from getting flagged or, even worse, completely ignored.

Social Media

Well, your advertising your apartments or commercial properties on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Instagram. Time to sit back and wait for the leads, right?

Much of the time, I’m confronted with individuals who deny that social media can be used to create interest in their brand. Then I do a little research on their social media endeavors. Their Facebook has tons of random, irrelevant posts and ads all over the place, their Twitter looks like a newspaper coupon insert, and they haven’t made anything else

It’s called “Social” media for a reason. Make a very basic profile, you don’t get and retain potential consumers making ads your background. Then use the platform to answer any questions consumers may have. Create an image for your company as one that is customer-based and responsive.

A close friend is currently managing a set of five 10-bedroom apartments near UF campus in Gainesville. His social media pages are used for apartment tenants and employees to voice their opinions on how to make the company more successful and provide any questions they might have. This is a great way not only to make everyone in the organization happy, but to constantly and positively evolve your business.

Ten-Thousand-Dollar Websites

Property owners and managers can spend tens of thousands of dollars on a website that they hope will create traffic and provide them with tenants and income. But what if the owner or manager changes their mind about the site’s color scheme two weeks down the road? What does the owner or manager do when they need to make an edit to their site? The answer to these questions is shelling out additional cash to a web designer.

Don’t worry – like many glorified fads, there is an alternative to suit every property manager from the single apartment property owner to the real estate mogul. Use programs like WordPress, Crushpath, or other blog creators to build a cheap (or entirely free) web presence for your business. This requires minimal time and provides a huge return for DIY landlord and real estate proprietor.

About the Author

Josh Steppling is a Marketing Associate for Trimark Properties, a company that manages Gainesville apartments and commercial properties near the University of Florida. Josh has managed businesses regarding real estate and property management and has knowledge and experience across the advertising and marketing spectrum. Josh also runs a Gainesville Apartments Blog that discusses real estate near UF and innovation in Gainesville and is a graduate of the Warrington College of Business at the University of Florida. Go Gators!

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