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5 Simple Tips to Search, Rent and Buy Lake Como Property

Villa at Lake Como_1bLake Como is majestic as well as mesmerizing with its natural beauty. Those who have experienced its magnificence often weave the dream of owning a holiday home or villa on the Como shores. Though Lake Como property scene is quite promising, one does come across a variety of issues when property hunting in a foreign location. While language is a well known limitation, rules of property sale in Lake Como area are unique in itself. Sealing a luxury property deal requires more than money in Como. So, here are some tips to search, rent and buy Lake Como property;

Use local connections

Families that own prime properties in Lake Como have no dearth of money, and thus a big price tag is not enough to convince them to part from a historical edifice. Hence, property seekers need to raise the stakes by setting local links at work. A good word from a family friend or neighbor can go a long way in speeding the otherwise slow process. So, if you have friends or relatives settled in Lake Como, request them for kindhearted references.


Get in touch with a local name

Not every property in Lake Como surroundings come in the open market for sale. Some of the most distinguished villas in Lake Como changesownershipdiscreetly. So, if you have an eye for the most exclusive, then, getting in touch with a local property name could benefit greatly. Someone with experience in dealing with Como estate and inside connections to fix a discussion over lunch could benefit greatly.

Write down your priorities

Every property buyers has some expectations when it comes to a new purchase; some wish for spacious garage while some others go for private pool, greenery or long driveway. So, priorities vary from person to person and it is always wise to write them down on paper to make sure you don’t forget anything. Such a list can turn very useful for chosen agent to shortlist properties for sale Lake Como. So, be sure what you want from your holiday home or summer residence.


Think twice about renovation

If an old villa or cottage catches your attention and it seems renovation work can make it a great deal, serious thinking is required about the renovation work needed and its estimated cost. Como laws about renovation are quite complicated and require coordination with suppliers, technicians, architects, surveyors, contractors, lawyers, and local authorities for necessary approvals. The renovation process can be tiring and could ask for considerable amount of time. So, in case you plan to shift quickly, it might not be the best option. That said, getting in touch with local renovation management firm can simplify the tedious process.

Consider transportation while renting


There can be nothing fascinating than renting a historic villa while vacationing in Como shores. In the excitement of renting that waterfront cottage or historic villa, vacationers sometimes become oblivious of other considerations that ought to be taken into account. Most crucial is location and distance from transportation options. Of course you wouldn’t be holed in the luxury villa all day and require to explore the beauty of Como. To do so, it is important that there is ferry or any other kind of transportation service nearby. In the absence of it, you would have hard time reaching places.

Lake Como real estate is fascinating in every way but one should not let its beauty ignore hard property buying facts. Sunlight, parking and housekeeping are some other points worth considering while renting Como villa.

So, keep these five simple tips in mind to get your Lake Como property purchase right.

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  1. Great post. Nice points with good explanation. Lake Como seems like a nice place to plan holiday

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