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7 Ways to Increase a Home’s Curb Appeal

Whether the home is five years old or 100, you’ll want to review its curb appeal when it comes time to sell. The first impression a home gives to passersby is known as frosting in the real estate industry, and can make or break the process. Many potential buyers will do a quick drive-by, either literally or virtually, before setting up a tour.

Like books, homes are often judged by their cover. No matter how beautifully you stage the interior of the home, if the first impression doesn’t stick, it’s going to be a while before you see that “sold” sign in the yard.

Here are seven ways to increase your home’s curb appeal, and get the ball rolling on selling.

Give Some Flair to the Front Door

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Image by Flickr via Wonderlane

One of the best ways to capture attention is to give your home a feature that makes it unique from the rest. The front entryway is typically the main focal point of your house. If your front door is aluminum or made up of anything other than solid wood, go outside your comfort zone and paint it a flashy color. Depending on the hue of the rest of the home, a bold red tone could really make it pop.

Another option is to check out ReStores in your area and look for a door with a distinctive texture. You can then change the color to suit your needs. Add a few flare options like some seasonal potted plants and a wreath that coordinates with your entry decor to tie it all in, and you’re good to go. If you have a mobile device or prepaid phone, you can use an app like Home Design 3D to get an idea of how your ideas will look before making any significant changes.

Create an Instant Garden

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Image by Flickr via kevinzim

It’s hard to find the time and motivation to gather all your gardening tools (or buy new ones if you’re sans a green thumb) and plant flowers everywhere. Luckily, you don’t have to do all that to add a lush effect to your curb appeal. A few well-designed pots with seasonal blooms add texture and color to the area without much effort on your part.

Pick up some pre-potted varieties from your local home improvement store and choose pots of varying sizes and colors, and create a garden instantly. To add even more uniqueness, repurpose household items like watering cans and tea kettles to give it an expressly eclectic feel.

Give the Mailbox a Makeover

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Image by Flickr via awnisALAN

While we’re working on enhancing curb appeal, let’s focus on the curb itself. Give your tired old mailbox a much-needed makeover with a paint job and some greenery. Go the classic route by installing a wooden pedestal, clean-cut fixture, and well-groomed shrubs around the base. Or try a more unique approach with a vintage mailbox and some potted flowers to give it a homey appeal.

Head up Hardware Updates

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Image by Imgur via q8

Add some noticeable details to your entryway by replacing hardware and light fixtures with different pieces that add flare to the space. Coordinate with your existing decor and look for sturdy options at your local hardware store, or find vintage options at antique dealers or thrift shops. It might seem trivial, but it’s little details like this that make lasting impressions.

Light the Way with Landscape Lighting

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Image by Flickr via OLP of San Antonio & the Hill Country, LLC

This simple finishing touch will invariably leave an impression on anyone who sees your home at dusk. Strategically placed landscape lighting can highlight the architectural value of the home, and enhance safety as potential buyers arrive on the property. This also gives the grounds a distinguishing appeal to those who do a preliminary drive-by.

Renew an Outdated Paint Job

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Image by Flickr via MountainAsh

An old, peeling paint job will probably be the first thing people notice when they see your home. Even though an outdated exterior paint job is easily fixed, it makes people wonder what else is outdated on your property. A simple weekend painting adventure could make all the difference in curb appeal.

Disguise Dead Spots in the Yard

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Image by Flickr via Arete13

Stop struggling to grow grass in the shady areas of your yard, and plant shade-loving flowers and shrubs there instead. It doesn’t have to be a huge undertaking; just circle a shady dead spot around a tree (or group of trees) with brick edging, and fill it in with plants. If your thumb is more brown than green, stick with the mulch. It looks better than dead grass anyway.

Building side income via real estate is a great way investment opportunity. And for those in the know, curb appeal is absolutely crucial to the home-selling process. Have fun with it, and let your creative side show. That “sold” sign will be gracing your lawn before you know it.

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