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Benefits of Green Homes and Prefab Homes

Building a new home can be an exciting prospect, especially if you’ve spent years living in a sub-par home. But, despite the excitement that arises, it is natural to feel a tad overwhelmed by the options. What if you make the wrong decision? You could be trapped in a home only marginally less sub-par than your former home.

Fear not with a little research you will be able to make an informed decision. Before you make a decision, you might want to take a moment to consider what type of home you want to build. You have two choices you might want to consider: Green or Traditional and Prefab or On-site construction. There are many reasons that you might want to go the non-traditional route when considering how you want your home to be built.

Green Saves Money

Green homes can help you save money. Air conditioning and heaters are often used for both convenience and survival. In modern homes this wastes resources and costs the homeowner tons of money. Some green homes have solar power panels to power the electronics in the home. This will either eliminate your power bill entirely or decrease your electric bill by as much as 50%. It all depends on the size of your solar panel system. Larger more expensive systems can eliminate the homes use of electricity entirely. This leads to more long term savings.

Green homes also save money because they are built with more insulation than non-green homes. Typically windows are one chink in a non-green home’s insulation. In order to fill this gap in insulation many green homes apply window tint to the interior of the home’s windows. Window tint blocks UV rays and reduces the amount of light and heat that enter the home. This reduction in heat means the A/C does not need to use as much electricity to keep the home cool. If you have a small solar panel system or no solar panel system, this will decrease your monthly electric bill.

Green Offers Healthier Living Environments

Green homes offer healthier living environments for families. Many modern homes use products that are made with formaldehyde, a chemical found in some paints, gloss, and wood products and commonly used in non-green homes. Exposure to formaldehyde causes asthma attacks, skin rashes, fatigue, and eye, ear, and nose irritation. Formaldehyde causes cancer in small animals. Whether or not it causes cancer in humans has not yet been proven. One of the advantages of properly built green homes is that they are not built with materials that have formaldehyde. Due to that fact they will offer a healthier living environment.

Why Build a Prefab?

There are many appealing reasons to choose a prefabricated home. Prefab homes typically cost about 10 to 15% less to build than their traditional on site counterparts. This price variation will change if you choose to use non-traditional material for pre-fab homes. Many prefab homes are cheaper because:

  • Parts of the home are made in an assembly style production that does not required skilled workers.
  • Material is bought in bulk.
  • Construction is not delayed by weather which reduces the amount of time that it takes to build the home.
  • It must be noted that you may have to pay extra to have a company lay the foundation where your prefabricated home will be placed.

Prefab homes are the way to go for all environmentally conscious individuals. Prefabricated homes are the environmentally friendly choice because there is 50 to 75% less waste during construction than your typical on-site construction. Prefabricated homes construction wastes less material because:

  • Prefab homes use precision cutting that leaves less excess material.
  • Unused material is used on other projects instead of being thrown away.

Building a home is an exciting endeavor that can cause some anxiety. The problem is that there are so many choices, and the home builder does not want to make the wrong decision. The best way to deal with all the options is to continue researching those options. Maybe at the end of that research you will opt for a green prefab home. If not, at least you spent some time considering it. As green enthusiasts that is all we can ask.

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