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Increase the Your Property Value Before Selling

There is nothing as exciting and nerve wracking as selling a home. When my family sold our first home in Denver, it was with the understanding that we would be moving into a fancier house. Unfortunately our ability to restart was tied into our ability to sell our old home. In the hard-hit real estate market, we needed to ensure that our home would sell quickly and for a reasonable amount. It was our real estate agent that had the answer: home renovations.  Home renovations will increase the property value of your home and decrease the time it will take to sell the home.

Before You Renovate drop that hammer and put away the check book. Do not hurry into the renovation process when a sell is on the horizon. Every renovation needs to be carefully considered before implemented. While renovations will increase the speed of the sale and the value of your home, home owners might not receive all of the money that they put into the renovation. In order to receive true value from a renovation, you need to carefully choose what renovations you will implement. Here are a few renovation projects with solid return on investment.

Plant trees in your yard. Trees will add aesthetic appeal and significantly decrease the energy used in the home. Trees can be purchased for $5 to $30. Mature trees will raise the property value of your home by 5 to 20%. When I first began looking into ways to increase the value of my Denver home, I didn’t have years to wait for a tree to reach maturity. If you’re in a similar boat, I would suggest planting a fast growing tree.

Increase your curb appeal. The design and layout of your yard is vital because it controls how the buyer originally views the home. In order to ensure that the buyer is charmed by your home, you should tend to the yard. You can do this by planting flowers, mowing the lawn, and using weed killer. If you took my advice to plant a tree, you may need to do some tree maintenance. If you are unsure how to maintain your tree, I would consult with a tree removal service in your area. Many do free tree evaluations. Once the tree has been evaluated either you or they can trim and prune the tree.

Repaint your walls and doors. Poor color choices or chips in the paint can drive away buyers. Repainting you interior and exterior walls is an easy way to increase the perceived value of your home. Paint can be purchased for around $10. Tools used to paint are equally inexpensive. You can decrease expenses even more by painting the home yourself.

Replace your old wood door with a steel door. Steel doors increase the security of the home because they are significantly harder to break into. Home buyers see the value of this feature. According to Realtor Mag, the steel door will cost $1,137. It will add an additional $975 to the value of your home. This means you will recoup around 85.6%.

Add a wood deck to the yard. Wood decks give the occupants of the home an area to congregate together. Home buyers can imagine themselves spending time lounging on the deck with their family. To disconnected modern families, a gathering area is very appealing. According to Realtor Mag, the wood deck will cost $9,327. It will add an additional $7,213 to the value of your home. This means you will recoup around 77.3%.

Home renovations can significantly increase your chances of a speedy home sell. Just remember that you will need to carefully choose what areas of the home to improve. The goal is to increase the property value while decreasing the amount that you will not recoup after your renovations. Get out there and start preparing your home for the real estate market.

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