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Simple Tips to Secure Your New Home

There’s no denying that when you’ve purchased a new home, you want to do everything in your power to keep it as secure as possible. It’s just human nature to want to protect what is rightfully yours. However, with many neighborhoods placing pressure on residents to maintain a certain standard of appearance for their lawns and homes, homeowners can sometimes be hesitant to take any noticeable security measures, such as installing a privacy fence, for fear they may be in violation of the “community code.”

Understanding the importance of keeping your home and loved ones safe, I thought it necessary to list at least SOME simple security tips. The pointers listed below are very straightforward and can be employed by anyone. Give one or all of them a try around your house today!


When people think of home security, it’s likely that thoughts of hidden cameras and complex electrical systems flash through their minds. They envision high-voltage gates and guard dogs. Little do they realize that something as simple as gravel can add an extra element of safety and security to one’s domicile.

Now, I’m sure you’re wondering how a collection of little, tiny fragmented rocks can do anything to protect you, but take a second to think about the last time you walked on gravel. It was probably more than a bit noisy, especially compared to walking on something else such as pavement, dirt or grass. Well, that noise is exactly what makes gravel such an attractive security feature.

If that was filled around the perimeter of your home, any potential intruder would have a heck of a time trying to keep quiet. If you’re home at the time of the attempted home invasion, you’ll likely hear them coming, taking the element of surprise out of the mix. This will allow you to better prepare for them, as well as proactively alert police officers of your situation.

Gravel can easily and discretely be added to any home, regardless of style, setup or motif, so consider adding some to your residence today!

Defensive Plants

Another security measure that can go easily overlooked is the use of plants such as roses, cacti and other vegetation with thorns and needles strategically placed around windows and entry ways. These serve as a sort of natural defense mechanism for your house as unwanted intruders would have to work their way around the potentially painful plants to do any serious damage. Sure, they could always wear protective clothing, but the plants should at least deter them a bit and make it more difficult had they not been there at all.

Get to Know Your Neighbors

This next tip is not so much about arming your home as it is about making yourself more aware of your surroundings. When you’re the new kid on the block, getting used to everything and everyone can take some time. Make the effort to get to know your neighbors so that they can help keep an extra eye on your place when you’re not there. As a member of a community, you all should work together to help keep each other safe.

Between the installation of your gravel, security cameras and more, get out and be neighborly, your safety just might depend on it.
Obviously there are a number of other more conventional ways to protect your home, and I’m definitely not saying you should choose one or the other, but maybe opt for a balanced mix. As long as you’re taking a proactive stance toward security there’s really no problem.

Silvia Brooks is a security expert and blogger who primarily writes about advances in security technology for security-related sites like Please leave questions and comments for Silvia below. She appreciates your feedback!

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