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The Latest Marvel in Architectural Design

If you have recently seen a newly built home, a modernized rehab, or a posh penthouse, you may have been witness to the latest marvel in architectural design. The moveable glass wall is becoming one of the must-have additions to condos and penthouses throughout the country. Anyone who has taken a trip to, or seen photos of, homes in various parts of Asia knows that many residences literally do not have walls in several parts of the home to keep the house open to views and nature at all times as well as to keep the fresh air flowing continuously. This is the concept of a sliding glass wall system.

You might be thinking to yourself that having walls is fundamentally important during bone-chilling months and you would be 100 percent correct. The transparent walls are made of bi-folding glass doors that are carefully installed with a low-friction rolling system so the doors gently glide open and closed with great ease. The glass is custom-designed and top of the line to meet even the highest of expectations. The system is designed to seal off wind gusts, rain, snow, or unwanted visitors to provide you with complete protection. Basically, while the wall is closed securely, it is as if you have a solid wall in place just like any other part of your home only you are still able to appreciate the views around you.

Consider the possibilities for people living in condos and penthouses. If you own or rent a penthouse, you most likely do so for the spectacular views. Traditional penthouses may have several large windows; however, they often do not open making the space seem somewhat congested. These types of penthouses also have a number of solid walls blocking some of the best views. If your penthouse was professionally designed with moveable glass walls, you could have even more sensational views with the openness and breeze you typically only receive at the beach. The same can be said for condo owners. Many condos have spectacular balconies and terraces that are ideal for entertaining and relaxing. These clear doors will open your home to nature, create more space, and allow for you to reap the benefits of lower electricity bills and going green.

Moveable glass walls not only enhance the design aesthetic of your home, but they also make the interior of your home shine brightly. The natural light that permeates your living space is almost surreal. It is as if you are living in a glass house. Whether you are looking to increase the value of your property, enhance the views, increase natural light, or go green, these walls will transform your home into a work of art.


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David has been a renovation contractor for over 20 years working within the Toronto and greater area. Most recently he has pushed to building and designing “green” energy efficient homes by incorporating folding glass door systems. He writes on his blog and guest posts on many renovation on decorating websites. Follow him on Google Plus

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  1. I have seen these advertised. If I was installing these in my house, I would want the glass to be one way. Especially if I was living in a penthouse and there are other just as tall buildings around me. I would hate the idea that my neighbors get a bird’s eye view of my whole life.

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