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Top 5 Websites for Real Estate Agents

Real Estate WebsitesIn another edition of my Top 5 posts, I use a Google search to help me look for a company to create a real estate Web site.

More and more homebuyers are looking online first to start their research of available properties. It seems like a no-brainer to me, that if I were a real estate agent looking to put my listings online, I would definitely start by doing a Google search for the phrase, “Websites for real estate agents“.  As you can see below, the organic results (not paid ads) give me a great idea of who I should consider for my choice.

The Best Real Estate Websites

I have listed my results with links below:

  1. Dynamic Page Solutions - real estate websitesDynamic Page Solutions
    We create revolutionary real estate websites that empower realtors to win search engine visibility. Our patent-pending technologies make it possible for agents to have competitive websites that truly capture Internet traffic with no technical knowledge or skill. Now, every agent has the ability to have a dominating web presence in their market.

  2. Agent Image
    is a leader in website design and development for the real estate industry. We work with thousands of brokers, agents and real estate companies to provide lead-generating tools, easy-to-use home search functionality and branded sites to help their clients in buying or selling their home.

  3. realty soft Realty Soft
    For more than a decade, RealtySoft has been offering best-value online services to real estate professionals. Today, more than 27,000 Realtors® use RealtySoft solutions for their websites, attract new clients through MLS® listings with IDX, manage their customer relationships, or prepare printed promotional materials.

  4. RealtyTech
    Our Success Marketing Packages are specifically made to drive traffic to your Real Estate Website! From Google, Bing, Yahoo and Other Search Engines, it’s as Easy as 1-2-3!

  5. Point 2 Agent
    is a comprehensive real estate business Platform offering complete internet sales, marketing and web analytics solution for real estate professionals.

The  top 5 results for my search are a great indicator of which companies are serious about getting my business because they are clearly winning for my search terms. Be a savvy shopper and do a little research online when you are looking for a company to host or create your real estate Web site. Here are some basic questions that you should consider when selecting your next real estate Website provider.

  1. Does the company offer an index-able IDX solution so your MLS listings can be found online?
  2. Do they have lead generation tools?
  3. How do they display your listings, in an i-frame or are the pages crawl-able?
  4. Do they offer SEO packages to help you optimize your sites visibility in the search engines?
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  1. RT @newyorkbigapple: Top 5 Websites for Real Estate Agents

    • Thanks for the ReTweet Dynamic Page Solutions!

  2. Great point. It is a simple but powerful test to determine who knows what they are doing when building a website for a real estate agents who want to do business on the internet.

    • Thank you for the comment Don!

      I think this simple little Google search gives you a great idea of which website is serious about marketing to real estate agents.

      A real estate agents website can be such a powerful tool for online marketing of their listings. It is a wise decision to do a little research first when you are looking at some of the top real estate agent websites to help build your presence online.

  3. Getting onto the first page of a google search is key to having a successful business these days. Google is the Kingmaker.

  4. “How do they display your listings, in an iframe or are the pages crawlable?” So important Chris. This is the main indicator of what idx we recommend to clients. Great post.
    Tierra Wilson recently posted..Why Real Estate Agents Should Spend Everyday on Google Plus… For Now

    • Thank you for the comment Tierra!

      You brought up a very good point. If your IDX/MLS provider is displaying your listings in an iframe, they are doing it wrong. Your listing content should be index-able by the search engines to add fresh new content to your site on a regular basis.

  5. It’s great that the online marketplace allows people to get a feel for properties they want to buy in a certain area. So much research can be done in a community nowadays. The realtors with an online presence will get the upper hand in this slow market. On the other hand we continue to help people get a lower mortgage in their jumbo or commercial property. Lowering their debt by restructuring their mortgages. Banks are happy when they see cash coming in their door.
    Mark Brundage
    Global Financial Corp.

    • Thank you for the comment Mark!

      It definitely pays to have a strong online presence in the real estate industry. More and more, home buyers are beginning their search for homes online and your priority as a real estate agent should be to rank at the top of those searches.

  6. Well, the google results might represent the sites with the most traffic, (which would include the agents signing into their back office). I’ve been a user of two of them over the years, and one was pitiful, the other good for the first two years. (I left them 3 years ago). Most have a template, then do little or nothing. Ease of modification, and tools are key, then its UP TO YOU, to do more, and be all you can be.

    Website providers provide the platform, YOU provide the juice.
    Gloria Matthews recently posted..HOUSING REPORT

    • Thank you for the comment Gloria!

      I couldn’t agree with you more. Most agents are under the false assumption that simply having a website will be enough to capture leads online.

      In today’s competitive real estate marketplace you have to be constantly marketing your site to see results. Most agents at the top of a Google search will tell you that a #1 ranking definitely doesn’t come over night. It takes patience and a very proactive marketing strategy.

  7. hey Chris I klouted and google+plus ya!
    great job here!

    • Thank you very much Gloria…nice meeting you and I really appreciate the social shares!

  8. Even I do agree that Dynamic Page Solutions is one of the best site for Real Estate Agents!!I also visited Point 2 Agent but this site is does not provides as many options and information about estate as Dynamic Page Solutions provides!!

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